General Information

In case of fire

Dear guests!
In order to protect you and our hotel from fire, we kindly ask you to observe the following rules and regulations:

  • All activities that could cause a fire or explosion are prohibited in the hotel rooms and public areas.
  • It is forbidden to bring pyrotechnic substances, devices, flammable liquids or other substances that could cause a fire or explosion in the hotel rooms and public areas.
  • Smoking is also prohibited in the lift, corridors, stairwells, rooms and all public areas. There is an active smoke alarm in each room.
  • It is forbidden to place – or even throw away – a burning tobacco product or match to anywhwere may cause a fire or explosion. In addition, the contents of the incense ashtray must not be disposed of in the trash.
  • It is forbidden to operate a coffee machine, a radiator or any other extremely high-temperature appliance in the rooms or on the balcony belonging to the room.
  • Ironing in the hotel can only be done by a colleague appointed by the receptionist in a safe place designated for this purpose.
  • Electrical equipment (eg television) must be switched off when not in use. Unplug other electrical appliances (curling iron, electric shaver, hair dryer).
  • It is forbidden to put flammable decorative elements on the luminaires, as well as to use candles.
  • During the heating period, do not put flammable substances, sprays, nail polish, nail polish remover acetone on the radiators.
  • Anyone detecting a fire, damage, or imminent danger should report it to the front desk or dialing extension 100.
  • An already extinguished fire must be reported without delay.
  • Alarms for hotel guests will be alerted by the reception by activating the fire siren and live staff.


Leaving the building in case of fire:

  1. Leave the hotel by the shortest route, mainly from each level through the corridors through the staircase to the main entrance at the reception.
  2. Escape routes can be found in each room on the wall next to the door, in the form of a wall sign.
  3. It is forbidden to use lift in case of a fire, as elevator will automatically shut down.


Thank you for your cooperation and helpfulness for our common security.

Hotel management


The nearest ATM can be found by 24 mainroad under 6-th Parádi street.
It is 650 meters from our hotel.

For further information call reception (extension 100 from your room)

Bedlinen requirements over stock in the room please turn to reception (extension 100 from your room)

Usually we change bedline per 3 nights but on request we will do so within the daily cleaning.

With questions about bus schedules please contact the reception (extension 100 from your room)

At the ground floor of the hotel you can find an automatic shoe cleaning machine at the stairs.

There is a high chair and a bibs for children in the restaurant, baby cot, baby bath can be requested by phone from receptionists (extension 100 from your room)

Ask for help at the reception (extension 100 from your room)

Building of HOTEL ANNA***Superior is an entirely non smoking area!

Only in the designated place on the terrace next to the main entrance of the hotel can anybody smoke.

Please, observe the statutory regulations!
Thank you for your understanding!

If during the daily cleaning our colleagues notice a clear and demonstrable sign of smoking in the room (strong smoke smell in the room, cigarette butt in the room, bathroom, toilet or balcony, we charge 15.000 HUF on your room account for smoke removal!)

Bar of our hotel awaits guests with a wide range of drinks. Opening hours 07.00 am- 07.00 pm. For room service please call extension 152

According to the European standard, electric flow points are 230 in the hotel. Additional equipment for other devices can be provided by reception colleagues.
For food heating requests, please contact our restaurant colleagues (extension 152 from your room) or in the restaurant personally
For more information about office services please contact the reception in person or on the extension 100 from your room phone

Bathrobe is available at the reception desk.

In the whole building of our hotel, including guest rooms, there are individual radiators that can be controlled with a thermostat.

Central boiler for heating radiators is controlled by the reception.

If you have a request or question about heating, please contact our receptionist (extension 100 from the room)

Baby bath, baby potty, high chair, cot beds, bed linen for babies are available at the Reception

n our hotel we accept the following types of cards: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and the OTP/K&H/MKB SZÉP card (Széchenyi Resting Card).
For our dear guests there is a direct, password-free WIFI internet connection in the rooms and public areas for free. In case of any question or any sort of problem with the internet access, please contact our receptionist colleague in person or by the room telephone, dialing extension 100.

There is a Roman Catholic church in the village.

For more information about the Mass, please contact our receptionist colleagues.

For further informations please contact our reception staff in person or from the room telephone, by dialing extension 100.

For further informations please contact our reception staff in person or from the room telephone, by dialing extension 100.

The owner’s pets are welcomed ins room reserved for this purpose with the same standard as the other rooms.
Our hotel can accommodate all small pets (up to the size of a spaniel) for a surcharge of HUF 6,000 / pet / night.

According to health regulations it is forbidden to bring your pet into the restaurant, wellness and bar area of ​​our hotel!

• Kozmáry lookout
• TV tower at Kékestető
• Oxygen Adrenaline Adventure Park in Sástó
• Cifra Stable and Car Museum in Parádfürdő
• "Three Villages Church" in Mátraszentimre
Wine cellars in Farkasmály
• Goat farm in Nagyréde
• Mátra Museum in Gyöngyös
• Light railway in the forest

For a leisure program, please contact our receptionist in person or by dialing extension 100, which can be reached from the room telephone.

Everyone can use the lift at his/her own risk. Under the age of 12, it can be used only with parental supervision. The alarm bell should only be pressed in case of a problem, in which case our receptionist will rush to their aid.

It is possible to indicate a prior request at the Reception. Our hotel does not have a permanent masseuse.
Our masseuse arrives at our hotel by prior arrangement.
You will find an attached description of the currently available treatments in your room.

The laundry bag for the laundry to be cleaned is found in the wardrobe in the room.
Clothes delivered by 09:00 in the morning will be cleaned or sewn within 24 hours.
An ironing request will be made within 1 hour of delivery.
Please notify our receptionist of your need for an ironing board.
If you have any questions, please contact our receptionist in person or from the room telephone at the 100 extension.

Please report this type of event or comment to our receptionist colleague at extension 100.

As part of the daily cleaning of the room, our colleagues do the following in the room:

  • Change of towels dropped on the floor
  • Emptying room and bathroom rubbish
  • Replacement of toilet paper
  • Alignment of beds
  • Linen change on request
  • Control of minibar consumption

For our guests, a mobile device is available at the Reception, which can be used locally for 150 HUF for domestic calls and 250 HUF for international calls for every minute started

Feel free to contact our receptionist in person or from the room phone at the 100 extension. The nearest medical service is located in Gyöngyös, approx. 8 km from the hotel.
Both our small car park in front of the hotel and our larger closed car park behind the building (with a gate that can be opened remotely by the receptionist) can be used free of charge for our hotel guests.

If you are interested in any sports opportunities, our receptionist can provide you with information.
Please contact our colleague in person or from the room telephone at 100.

At the reception of our hotel, your room bill can be paid in cash (HUF, EUR),

by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro), SZÉP card (OTP, MKB, K&H).

Upon your request, at your arrival or during your stay it is possible to pay the room bill in advance. Please contact our receptionist at extension 100.

The in-room safe can be used free of charge. Please read the enclosed leaflet carefully. We take no responsibility for valuables left in the room! Our central guest safe is located at the Reception.

If you have lost anything, please contact our receptionist in person or at 100.
We will keep found objects until December 31 of the current year.
We will only be able to return them personally or by mail after a written request and if you pay the fees of the return.

Room service is available from 07:00 am until 10:00 pm at extension 152. You can place Your order until 10:00 pm.
Please contact our receptionist. The nearest taxi station is in Gyöngyös.
On the day of leaving, please return the room for cleaning by 10:00 am. On the day of the departure, our maids will check the minibars from 09:00 am. If our saturation allows, we provide the possibility to leave the room later. The room can be used until 02:00 pm for a surcharge of HUF 5,000. Our reception colleague can provide information about this (from the room telephone on extension 100).
You can call any other room directly from any room by simply dialing the room number. Number of rooms on the ground floor: room 31 is 301, room 32 is 302. It is not possible to dial a direct external line from room telephones either domestically or abroad. If you need help with making a phone call, please contact our receptionist by dialing extension 100.

In case of central audible warning sounds in your room, leave the room immediately!
Do not get into the elevator, as it will automatically shut itself off in the event of a fire.
Read the fire regulations and see the escape route posted on the wall next to your room door.
Whenever a fire is detected, you should immediately notify the Reception in person or on the 100 extensions.

The nearest emergency exit can be found by following the instructions posted next to the room door.
In case of these kind of requests, please contact our reception staff in person or on the extension 100, which can be dialed from the room telephone.

Request for Rate

Please provide the information in the form and our colleague will send you the offer within 24 hours.

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